Monday, April 14, 2008

More Gracey with Papa

Yep, those who post control the pix that are shown, but I need to give equal time to proud Papa Carl, so here goes.

Beautiful Gracey

It's such a joy to visit Grace now that we get to hold her. Yesterday she was very alert and happy, so we were thrilled.

Look how happy she is when Karen holds her!!

Look what happens when Papa holds her....

Gracey actually said her first full sentence yesterday when I was holding her--something to the effect of "You're my favorite after Mommy and Daddy." Of course I was thrilled but felt a little bad for Carl.
One or both of us try to visit Gracey every other day, which so far has worked out pretty well. It's nice to go together, but when we go separately we don't have to share holding her (and I DON'T like to share!!).
On every visit invariably some medical personnel comments on how beautiful Gracey is. A member of the IV team said yesterday Grace is the prettiest baby she's seen (and she's seen many.) You may think she says that to everyone, but one look at Gracey and you know it's true.
Anyway, we look forward to our next visit with this beautiful angel, who teaches us so much just by being here. Thank you, Bugs and Toph, for the gift of Gracey. We love her and both of you more than you know.