Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Preschool--Day 2

By popular (!) demand, Rachel left for Day 2 of preschool with a more girly and proportional backpack. The problem, you see, is that the black pack is actually big enough to hold her purple folder, which gets a bit crushed if I want to close the pink pack. However, many of my blog readers who shall remain nameless (Jen, Emily, Dacia, Alysia) clearly subscribe to the notion that it's better to look good than to feel good :>), so I give. And in defense of the black pack, whose loss I'm still mourning, it was from her dance class AND she got to write her name on it--how cool is that? And before any of you anonymous blog readers (Jen, Emily, Dacia, Alysia) comment on Rachel's outfit, this week is red week and in a closet of pinks and purples we were lucky to find this. Another dilemma this morning--to go or not to go to preschool. This is because last night, after driving back all afternoon from Cedar City, Rachel tossed her cookies in the car while I was in Smith's grabbing a few groceries (no worries Jen--the smell is almost gone....). Being the hands-on Dad that he is, Carl immediately called me on my cell to let me know what happened and to assure me he would sit tight until I got there.... Once home, I gave Rachel a quick bath and got her to bed. She didn't have a temp, and this morning she was fine and ate a good breakfast--all indicators that she could go to school. Now every time the phone rings I just pray it's not her teacher.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

First Day of Pre-School!

Yep, my baby is off to school--it's empty nest time for two hours, twice a week. Any good Mommy would be crying now--remembering the day her baby was born, what a big, smart girl she's become, wondering where the time went. As for me...did I mention two hours TWICE A WEEK???!!! Lest you think I have ice water running through my veins, it's pre-school, for goodness sake. She'll have two years of this before the big K, at which point I'm sure I'll be a mess. Plus, I don't even think they had pre-school in my generation, and look how good we turned out.... Anywho, Rachel was very excited this morning, insisting on wearing her backpack while eating breakfast. As I drove her over, she asked if I was going to stay at pre-school with her. When I told her no, she said, "GREAT!" I guess that two hours works both ways. So, this day is noteworthy for other reasons as well. One, it made me blog, and two, I actually put make-up on before 9am on a day other than Sunday. I may post again next week once Rachel declares a major. In the meantime, though Carl thinks I'm heading straight for the TV and bon bons (are those the same as truffles?) I'm actually going to start packing for our weekend race.