Friday, June 27, 2008

Learning to undress

Big head, small body. Better than the alternative, I suppose!

Bed Head

Enough said.

On a roll

Yes, when it rains, it pours. My third post of the day (with another to come, I think). I know Rachel eating corn on the cob at almost 2-1/2 is not a breakthrough, but Rachel eating of her own volition is certainly worth a mention, don't you think? Plus, kids and corn on the cob are a cute combo, as Emily proved with Caden (who's way ahead of Rachel in the eating-by-himself department--when Emily feeds him, that is ;)

Rachel's "Hot Tub"

Water table to some, hot tub to others--I highly recommed this toy to any kid with a water fetish. HOURS of entertainment, and an excuse for Mommy to sit on the front porch and read--er, watch Rachel.

Back in Style

Remember jelly shoes? I think they were hip about 15 years ago. Then again, if I thought they were hip then, it was probably more like 20 years ago (I'm usually years behind the latest trends, as Dacia, Emily, or Jen will be the first to tell you--Alysia is too nice to say anything :>)). However, for the toddler set these are COOL, and far be it for me not to have a hipster daughter....