Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gotta Dance!

Rachel did a tumbling class once a week in October, which she loved. Unfortunately, the first day's instructor, who was awesome, didn't return to the class, and we had a series of mediocore or, in one instance, downright lame, instructors (this is toddler tumbing, people...how hard can it be?) Anyway, we found out our favorite instructor is teaching a Combo class on Fridays--45 minutes instead of 30, to include tumbling, ballet and tap. I can't wait to see Rachel and her 3-year-old cohorts tap, much less do ballet, but since Mommy wants her to look the part, we had great fun picking out her outfits and ballet slippers at a newly discovered secondhand store. Went to Payless for the tap shoes--at over $20 a pop we quickly left the store. Found some on-line for $5, which we'll pick up tomorrow. Rachel, of course, wants to walk around the house in her new outfits so I put the cutest one on for the blog shots. When I asked her to put her arms out and point her toe, she logically pointed TO her toe. Smart girl. She's sure to be a prima ballerina or the tap equivalent. Can't wait to buy a tutu!