Monday, February 2, 2009

Who does your hair?

Ah, the funny things that can happen under Daddy's watch (or lack thereof--HEY, I just did smaller text!!). While Grandma Karen spent all day Saturday with Grace, Daddy and Rachel had some bonding time. They played hide-and-seek, they studied the scriptures, they practiced reading and writing, they filled out Rachel's college applications--they had so much togetherness they were as one...ah, silly reader. In reality, Carl worked in the office while Rachel wondered what Daddy was doing as she did arts and crafts, all by her lonesome, in the kitchen, with Carl occasionally tossing her a crust of bread for nourishment. She certainly wasn't bored though--especially when arts and crafts turned into Beauty Shop, with Rachel as both hair stylist and customer. As you can see, she clearly has a knack for this, and I'm excited about all the money we'll save with her do-it-yourself prowess. Forget college--we're now thinking cosmetology school.