Friday, June 27, 2008

On a roll

Yes, when it rains, it pours. My third post of the day (with another to come, I think). I know Rachel eating corn on the cob at almost 2-1/2 is not a breakthrough, but Rachel eating of her own volition is certainly worth a mention, don't you think? Plus, kids and corn on the cob are a cute combo, as Emily proved with Caden (who's way ahead of Rachel in the eating-by-himself department--when Emily feeds him, that is ;)


Mythreesons said...

Hey! I feed my kids. Really, I do. Just on my timetable... that's all. So Rachel likes corn, huh? Hurrah for Rachel eating... she may catch up to Caden yet;)

Super Daysh said...

Ha ha. No she doesn't. She only feeds them Oreo's and then teaches them it's ok just to eat the fattening crisco part. ;) I am very impressed that she ate that whole thing by herself! Go Rach!

princess jen said...

See...she eats!