Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gotta Dance!

Rachel did a tumbling class once a week in October, which she loved. Unfortunately, the first day's instructor, who was awesome, didn't return to the class, and we had a series of mediocore or, in one instance, downright lame, instructors (this is toddler tumbing, people...how hard can it be?) Anyway, we found out our favorite instructor is teaching a Combo class on Fridays--45 minutes instead of 30, to include tumbling, ballet and tap. I can't wait to see Rachel and her 3-year-old cohorts tap, much less do ballet, but since Mommy wants her to look the part, we had great fun picking out her outfits and ballet slippers at a newly discovered secondhand store. Went to Payless for the tap shoes--at over $20 a pop we quickly left the store. Found some on-line for $5, which we'll pick up tomorrow. Rachel, of course, wants to walk around the house in her new outfits so I put the cutest one on for the blog shots. When I asked her to put her arms out and point her toe, she logically pointed TO her toe. Smart girl. She's sure to be a prima ballerina or the tap equivalent. Can't wait to buy a tutu!


princess jen said...

What a silly little girl, cute though!! I hope you have fun in your combo class!

Bug said...

she is so dang cute!
i love that she is taking that combo class!!
so fun!
she needs to wear pig tails more often. i have decided this based on a picture i saw of her with them at your house for Aaron's birthday.
get on it karen!!!

Super Daysh said...

So cute! Love it! Love the little outfit and the "pointing to her toe". She will definitely make a darling ballerina a tap queen.

Thoughtful Runner said...

Do I get any bonus points for now have FOUR really cute daughters?? That ought to be worth honorable mention or inclusion in SOMEBODY'S Hall of Fame....don't you think??