Monday, November 9, 2009

Dressing up is fun to do

We recently went to a murder mystery pirate party, where I was the Black Widow and Carl was Long John Silver. Neither one of us turned out to be the murderer--drat!

Rachel was a princess for Halloween--the best part of her costume was the cape, which she often didn't want to wear (and without it her princess dress wasn't that exciting). Dacia did a great post on Halloween so I'll leave the details to her.

Lastly, Jen had the most awesome costume for Halloween and let me prance around in it the next day, a la Scarlett O'Hara--you're never too old to play dress up (at least I'm not!).
Hmmmm--having trouble getting the other pix to post, so I'll try them on a later post.


princess jen said...

Those are great costumes for the mystery dinner! Alan and I have done several of those but it's been years. I always manage to be the murderer!

Mythreesons said...

I love those Mystery dinner costumes! You look very pretty with your hair like that, Karen. Dad should have dyed his moustache, though... how funny would that have been!

Super Daysh said...

Oh MY WORD! That pic is hilarious!! I had no idea you had it in you! How fun is that!? I didn't know you guys did that, but it looks like fun.

Thoughtful Runner said...

What a dashing, debonair (sp?) couple! What tell me, doesn't one of these characters look guilty??
It was a fun evening, a REALLY good meal, and good company....but at the price of these costumes, it may be QUITE some time before we do it again! Ouch!