Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Making up for lost time

Given the recent postings of amazing kiddie birthday parties and incredible cakes, I thought I would submit, for your viewing pleasure, my first attempt at a cute b-day cake for Rachel. Keep in mind she's equally as loved as the Gracies and the Gavins of the world, even if her mommy is not nearly as adept at this stuff. In my defense (and knowing I'd need an excuse) I let Rachel and her friend Trinity do most of the decorating of this, her slumber party cake. No doubt Linda is running scared right about now....

In other Rachel news, I can't write down fast enough the funny things my daughter says and does, but here's a few I captured:

Me: "It's your birthday--you're four years old!" Rachel: "Yeah, and that's not old. That's not close to 100. Daddy's getting close to 100."

Rachel when helping me cook: "Ooh, this is going to be spectacular, yum! Spectacular, spectacular, spectacular!"

Me: "Why'd you come in our room in the middle of the night? You're not supposed to do that." Rachel: "Because I needed some lovin' "

Rachel talking to herself on the computer: "I did it! Way to go me!"

Rachel: "When I was a baby, if I would cry you would feed me with your boobs. Mom, I don't have boobs yet, right? But I have little boobs."

Rachel noticing an overcast day: "Mom, the sun's still asleep."
While watching Dancing with the Stars, we were discussing our mutual dislike of Kate Gosslin. Carl: "She's just evil." Rachel: "C'mon guys, let go of that bad stuff."

I gave Rachel 3 seconds to come to me when she was disobeying. Rachel (angrily): "Mom, I wish you were the little kid and I was the grownup!"

And, lest a post go by where I don't brag about my daughter's brilliance, Rachel was playing around on her magnetic blackboard, and then I heard her trying to sound something out. She then told me to "Look, I spelled STOP." Sure enough, she did!


princess jen said...

What a funny little kid. Those are great little quotes you have. I wish I had the foresight to write down the funny things they say, then again, I don't know that my kids say funny things. At least I can never remember them. I think my favorites were about Carl being close to 100 and about you letting the bad Kate stuff go :) Way to go on making a fancy cake too!! Mine can't compare to the fondant queens either!

Mythreesons said...

I seriously wish my kids said funny stuff like that. Those are some pretty great comments. I love the Kate Gosselin comment!
Good thing you can blame the cake on the kids! Otherwise, i was going to submit it to cakewrecks.com. OK, just kidding! I love the idea of the little sleepover. So cute! And actually my kids would give ANYTHING to decorate their own cakes. They're always begging to help and I have to shoo them away from their own birthday cakes. Don't they know it's for me?
Two posts in one month, Karen? What's up with that? Does that mean we'll have to wait double as long for the next one?

Super Daysh said...

I think I'm going to pass out! You actually post a blog!! Not just a picture, but a BLOG!! Go you!! And those are some pretty funny things she says- yes she is quite bright. ;) And I love that cake...I just might be asking for help when I do Ellie's...that's all. :)

Thoughtful Runner said...

cakewrecks?!?! You need to let go of that evil stuff!!
I have to admit I sometimes can't believe what I hear and have no idea where she comes up with some of her remarks, but as they say: "from the mouths of babes!"
But let's also get real: 100????

Alan J. said...

I can't believe i haven't noticed this post until now. Geesh, sorry. Anyway, those were pretty hilarious quotes! That's so funny. I mean, that's hil-LAR-ious! I thought your cake was... cute.

Elizabeth said...

I wish I could see my brilliant cousin more...how cute!

<3 Liz